Where To Buy Nano Towels? It’s Not Amazon Nor Walmart

Nano Towels are quite popular these days.

Thus, you can buy them from many places online.

However, some places are better than others.

Or should I say, what’s the best place where to buy Nano Towels?

In this short post, I’m going to show you where you can get the best price on Nano Towels.

Also, here you’ll find any special discounts or coupons of Nano Towels if they happen to exist.

Nano Towels Walmart: Is It Really The Best Place?

As you may already know, Nano Towels are available at Walmart.

It’s the same Nano Towels I talked about in my detailed review of Nano Towels.

But, is it really worth the trouble to choose Walmart as your go-to platform?

I would say NO.

Let me explain to you why.

First, the price isn’t really the best.

You can get your pack of nano towels for less than what  Walmart is pricing.

Second, there are additional shipping fees that you need to pay to Walmart if you want to receive your pack in less than a week.

For those two reasons I’d recommend not buying Nano Towels at Walmart.

There are better options out there.

Nano Towels Amazon: Not The Cheapest Price As You Would Expect

Amazon is known for having, usually, the cheapest prices in the internet.

They even have a crawling bot or something that tracks the prices of other e-commerce websites and change the price on Amazon to be cheaper or at least equal to the other platforms.

However, with Nano Towels, this is not the case here.

Nano Towels are actually not cheaper on Amazon.

They’re more expensive.

With that being said, buying Nano Towels on Amazon can be convenient for some people since they have a prime membership or because they’re just loyal to the company.

They may argue that the shipping on Amazon is impeccable.

For 99% of the times, I would say heck yeah!

But, in case of Nano Towels, the reality is that there’s another website that will sell you your pack of Nano Towels for less money and deliver it for pretty much the same duration as Amazon.

The magical place is Water Liberty website.

Why Buying Your Nano Towels At Water Liberty?

At first, you may think that buying from a big e-commerce site like Amazon or Walmart would be the right thing to do.

After all, who the hell is Water Liberty anyway?

I get that.

That’s what I would do in most cases.

But, this is different.

Water Liberty may not be as popular as Amazon but they’re very popular when it comes to innovative and green products.

They’ve sold thousands of products in the last few decades and people seem to like their products as well as their support.

You can google that for yourself if you want.

The reason you have never heard of Water Liberty is probably due to the fact that they don’t spend a lot on marketing.

They prefer to offer cheaper prices than the competition rather than wasting money all on ads.

And because they’re relatively small compared to Amazon or Walmart, they have less overhead cost which allows them to offer better prices.

Therefore, they’re currently offering Nano Towels packs for the cheapest price on the internet.

Plus, you get a premium shipping to your house for a duration that is less than 4 days.

Isn’t that great?

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