How To Wash Nano Towels? Step by Step Guide

how to wash nano towels

Nano Towels are trending these days.

Everybody seems to love them.

And that’s not a surprise.

They’re just incredible.

They’re affordable, can wash any dirt easily and most importantly they’re durable and environment friendly.

But, how to wash nano towels?

In this article, I want to answer this question that I get a lot.

People are wondering how can they wash Nano Towels in the appropriate way.

So, today I’m gonna answer these question once and for all.

But first I’ll talk a little bit about Nano Towels for those of you who are hearing about them for the first time.

What Are Nano Towels?

The truth is that many people don’t like buying paper towels.

Paper towels don’t fit in grocery bags, they demand a lot of kitchen space, and are very expensive.

Most importantly, they’re bad for the environment.

So what is the alternative?

A great alternative to paper towels are the nano towels.

Nano towels are absorbent fabrics that homeowners can use to clean surfaces with water only.

From today on, you no longer need paper towels nor toxic cleaners.

These fabrics help homeowners use greener, healthier and safer methods for cleaning their homes.

Nano towels can capture dirt, grime, dust, and liquids without using toxic chemicals.

They are easy to use and cheaper than paper towels.

Want to know how come they’re cheap? Go read my FULL NANO TOWELS REVIEW

When cleaning, nano towels are like magnets to dust and dirt. They cling to unwanted bacteria and debris.

However, you must take care of the towels by cleaning them regularly.

It’s not something that will take you a lot of time.

Let’s find out how.

How To Wash Nano Towels In The Right Way?

wash nano towels picture

It is simple and straightforward to clean these towels.

Cleaning nano towels will make them ideal for everyday use and guarantee their effectiveness for a long time.

You can wash nano towels by hand or use washing machines.

But there are certain crucial steps to the whole process.

When washing nano towels, it is important to preserve their quality.

You can preserve the quality of nano towels by avoiding the use of:

– Heat

– Fabric softener

– Detergent

Nano towels are nano-fiber towels.

They work more effectively when used with water only, or on their own.

As such, you should not use them with cleaning products or chemical detergents.

These tend to stop the towels from working effectively.

You should clean these towels after every use to avoid contamination if you want optimal performance and durability.

However, you are not required to wash them that regularly and they can still be usable for so many weeks.

Steps of cleaning Nano Towels:

• Start by separating the dirtiest towels from the lot to prevent cross-contamination

• Before washing, use a small brush to break up caked in and heavy residues on towels.

• Do not mix nano towels with towels made of other materials like cotton.

• Use perfume free or dye free liquid laundry soap. Do not use any granulated or powder soaps when washing these towels.

• When using a washing machine, make sure the machine is warm. Warm heat will break down polishes and waxes.

• Air-dry the towels on a rack to expedite drying and maximize airflow.

• After drying, fold them properly and store them in a clean container or cabinet.

Note that hand washing is the most recommended method for cleaning these towels.

You will only need water to clean the towels.

• Let the towels soak in warm water for at least three minutes. You should then use your hands to agitate the towels to release the grime and dirt. Finally, rinse the towels and air-dry them.

How to use chemical with nano towels

For those of you asking about how can they use chemicals with nano towels.

Here’s my answer.

Normally, It is not recommended to use chemicals with nano towels.

However, you can use detergents specifically formulated to clean nano towels.

Nano towels are not the same as other fabrics.

They are plush and soft and absorb water faster compared to regular towels.

These fabrics lose their fluffiness when they come into contact with chemical detergents.

Microfiber revitalizer detergents are the best for use with nano towels.

These detergents will suspend, remove, and break down elements from the towels.

This will leave the towels feeling softer and looking brighter after every wash.

You can also use regular laundry soap to clean the nano towels.

However, ensure the laundry soap is perfume or dye free.

Other benefits of nano towels

Nano towels are powerful enough to eliminate tough stains on different surfaces. You can use them to wipe counter tops, clean glass utensils, and dust surfaces.

These towels can do all tasks that paper towels can do. But there are also many more benefits of using nano towels.

• Save money: Nano towels are cheaper than paper towels. Paper towels are disposable. As such, you must replace them from time to time. With nano towels, you can reuse them after washing and they will not lose their effectiveness.

• Environmentally friendly: Nano towels help to cut down environmental pollution. This is not the case with paper towels which pollute the environment due to their disposable nature.

• Make cleaning faster and easier: Nano towels are more absorbent than paper towels. They can clean and absorb dirt and grime without using harmful chemicals.

• Clean anything: These towels can virtually clean anything with water only.

• Easy to store: These towels need less storage space than paper towels. You can store them in clean containers or cabinets.

Nano towels save homeowners a lot of money because they replace paper towels.

Each towel you buy can last a maximum of three years and give you at least 300 washes.

You can use these towels for dusting, washing, and wiping.

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